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SEB is a leading consulting firm in planning, developing, selling and/or leasing multi-family housing through the Chapter 40B comprehensive permit process.

Working with a variety of public and private sector clients, SEB has completed over 1,200 diverse consulting assignments comprising more than 10,000 units in more than 180 cities and towns. SEB has assisted in the development of specific urban and suburban affordable housing complexes from initial conception to lottery administration, conducted larger scale neighborhood planning and revitalization efforts, and engaged in state or federal housing policy research and development.

Our Team - Leading Massachusetts's Affordable Housing Movment.

More specifically, SEB helps developers evaluate potential 40B developments, assess permitting opportunities and obstacles, understand the various Massachusetts subsidized housing programs, understand unique budgetary and regulatory considerations specific to 40B, identify assist with construction and/or permanent financing and final approvals, while serving in a project management capacity during the public hearing process. SEB enables developers to make informed decisions and select effective strategies to achieve the most favorable outcome in the least amount of time possible.

SEB also has significant experience as an affordable housing lottery agent/administrator. As such, SEB represents developers during the affordable unit lease-up / sell-out process representing their interests to make sure the developer is in conformance with all local and state regulations while ensuring that each developer is recognizing the maximum possible rent or sales price for their affordable units. SEB has extensive experience working with all State regulatory agencies (e.g. DHCD, MassHousing, etc.) and our working knowledge is helpful in moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible.

in the news

Afforable Housing in Newton, MA

SEB is now permitting its own multi-family developments in addition to permitting jobs for other clients. We are in the process of permitting homeownership developments in Hingham, Needham and Newton. Twenty to twenty-five percent of the units will be designated as "affordable" and sell to households earning at or below either 80% or 50% of area median income; the remaining units will be sold on the open market.

Stay tuned for more information on these developments as we progress.